Common Sense Gun Reform

Red Flag Laws

Red Flag Laws should be passed ASAP. Even Florida has passed laws allowing Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Surely we can do better than Florida.

Red Flag Laws don’t just help prevent sensationalist mass shootings. They’re effective at preventing suicide and domestic violence.

Purchasing Laws

The minimum age to purchase or possess unsupervised any kind of firearm should be raised to 21. It should be done the first week of the legislature.

Firearms Owner Liability

Toddlers shooting people isn’t an accident. It’s criminal negligence that is rarely prosecuted.

Background Checks

Nevada’s Legislature needs to implement the will of Nevada’s voters. Universal background checks!

Firearms Safety

Nevada should eliminate all sales taxes on firearm safety equipment, from cheap gun locks to expensive gun safes.


Grants & other incentives should be made to NV LEO to monitor/investigate gun shows, online sales, person-to-person sales, etc. LEO spent decades doing that for weed.