Why vote gandy?

Michael is a Local Resident

Michael Gandy has been living in and around Assembly District 15 for most of the past 30 years.  He moved here as a teen and graduated from Chaparral High School as part of the class of 1992.  After graduation, Mike worked at a number of local businesses and attended UNLV.

He and his family have lived in the same house in the Assembly District for nearly 12 years.  Michael supports local businesses, frequenting family- or locally-owned businesses as much as possible. One of the things he finds most appealing about his neighborhood is the walkability.

Michael is Passionate about the Community

For a time, Michael worked for Juvenile Probation in Clark County Family Courts (a depressing gig), where he met and spoke with countless Las Vegas children and families.  That experience led him to realize that education was a powerful tool and he could do more for families in the classroom than the courtroom.

Michael went back to UNLV and earned a degree in education.  He completed his student teaching at Desert Pines High School -- and stayed for 6 years.  For the past 14 years, Michael has been teaching English, British Literature, Mythology, Creative Writing, World Language & Cultures, and Yearbook to high-risk students and providing after school and weekend tutoring to help prepare them for the Nevada Proficiency Exams (which are now, thankfully, gone).  Michael also earned an English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching certification and taught English to English-Language learners.

He is working, slowly but surely, to earn a Ph.D. in Multicultural Education from UNLV.  

In addition, he has served as the advisor for the Asian Culture Appreciation Club, the Gay Straight Alliance, the Black Student Union, the Ping-Pong Club, and he is the current advisor of the Student Organization of Latinos (SOL).  Michael is also a volunteer CASA (court-appointed special advocate) and licensed foster parent.

He is working, slowly but surely, to earn a Ph.D. in Multicultural Education from UNLV.  

Michael is Family Oriented

Michael’s daughter, Victoria, was born at Sunrise Hospital in 1996. She attended all levels of public school right here in Assembly District 15: George E. Harris Elementary, K.O. Knudson Middle School, and Las Vegas Academy, where she graduated in 2014. She has earned an Associate of Sciences degree in Biology and attends the nursing program at CSN.  

Michael was a single father during most of Victoria’s childhood and knows all too well the struggles of being a single parent and being economically insecure. He is also constantly amazed that his kid turned out so normal.

While teaching, Michael met his now-wife, Jessica.  She was also a teacher and active social reformer.  Jessica taught English at Desert Pines High School, Sunrise Mountain High School, J.D. Mack Middle School, and the Education Services District (behavior schools), before graduating from the night program of the UNLV Boyd School of Law and passing the Nevada Bar in 2016.  Jessica currently works as an attorney for Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen & Sanders, the firm founded by Basic High School graduates Bruce Alverson and Harry Reid.

Michael is a Passionate Activitst

In all of these experiences, Michael realized the importance of political activism.  He began volunteering for the local democratic party in 1992 and continued volunteering in every election since. He canvassed neighborhoods, drove voters to the polls, and worked at phone banks to ensure Nevada received proper representation; he wrote letters, asked tough questions, and annoyed countless legislators.  Between election cycles, Michael volunteers with HeadCount to register voters, with the ACLU in an effort to end cash bail for non-violent and first-time offenders, and a host of similar things.

In 2016, the entire Gandy family registered voters and canvassed for the Nevada Democrats - Michael and Victoria for Bernie Sanders and Jessica for Hillary Clinton.  The family attended rallies for both candidates.  Michael’s mother pushed him in a stroller to canvass for Jimmy Carter, and he repaid the favor by pushing her wheelchair to a Bernie Sanders rally. After the caucus and state convention were over, he immediately put away the Bernie stuff and began knocking on doors for Hillary. Despite the national outcome, he’s proud that Hillary won Nevada.

Why Assemblyman?

Today, local politics is more important than ever.  State and local politics affect citizens every day and can help shape the national direction.  Nevada residents should be trusted to make the decisions that reflect what is best for Nevada, and it is the job of local representatives to bring the voice of the community to the Assembly floor.  Michael is ready, willing, and able to be the voice for Assembly District 15.  He has lived in the district, loves the district, and wants to represent its interests in a state where community voices and citizen-legislators regularly shape government decisions.